A WTLS-Based Method for Remote Sensing Imagery Registration


This paper introduces a weighted total least squares (WTLS)-based estimator into image registration to deal with the coordinates of control points (CPs) that are of unequal accuracy. The performance of the estimator is investigated by means of simulation experiments using different coordinate errors. Comparisons with ordinary least squares (LS), total LS (TLS), scaled TLS, and weighted LS estimators are made. A novel adaptive weight determination scheme is applied to experiments with remotely sensed images. These illustrate the practicability and effectiveness of the proposed registration method by collecting CPs with different-sized errors from multiple reference images with different spatial resolutions. This paper concludes that the WTLS-based iteratively reweighted TLS method achieves a more robust estimation of model parameters and higher registration accuracy if heteroscedastic errors occur in both the coordinates of reference CPs and target CPs.

IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing