Hugo on Windows

Abstract: An introduction on how to install and use hugo on Windows Table of Contents Install Hugo on Windows Install Hugo on Windows by Chocolatey Install Hugo with Chocolaey Use Hugo on Windows
Install Hugo on Windows Install Hugo on macOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and on any machine where the Go compiler tool chain can run. The details of install is listed here: https://gohugo.

Getting started with the Academic framework for Hugo

Create a beautifully simple personal or academic website in under 10 minutes.

Customizing the homepage with widgets

Enable/disable and configure widgets to customize your homepage.

Managing content

This is a brief guide to managing content with the Academic framework. Content can include publications, projects, talks, news/blog articles, and widget pages. After you have read this guide about creating and managing content, you may also be interested to learn about writing content with Markdown, LaTeX, and Shortcodes.