The Pedometrics 2017 😄

Lessons from big data - what can Pedometrics learn


Jianghao will first present his recent researches with geospatial big data. He proposed a new concept - “Pan-space Urban Sensing”. In this concept, our urban space is divided into four subspaces: physical space, human space, socio-economic space, and cyber space. Then, he will elaborate how various of emerging geolocated data (e.g., social media, mobile phone, GPS tracking data) were used to sensing and better understanding our cities. More importantly, he will introduce his thoughts on geospatial big data studies and what can pedometrics learn. The main argument is that big data plus big model brings a new opportunity to answer big question. However, there’re plenty of challenges still ahead. These challenges including data quality issues, model or algorithm limitations, research paradigms transformation, et al. Finally, he will summarise current studies and point out potential research point in soil science and pedometrics with big data.

Wageningen, The Netherlands